Alice’s Wonderland 5: A ray of hope

Coming Oct 2021

Jack of Clubs is this close to conquering Wonderland with his ink armies. When the Eclipse swallows the sun for just a few minutes, he will unleash his dark forces and turn the tables once and for all. The Queens decide to stop him at all costs!

The Eclipse. When Wonderland becomes enveloped in total darkness, Jack of Clubs will order his army of ink monsters to advance, and there's not much you can do against an astronomical phenomenon of this scale!

Alice and her friends will have to find a new solution as soon as possible. This time, whole Wonderland will come to their aid, and the wise Queens will watch the defenses from day one. Best of luck, and never give up!

  • An ambitious journey through Wonderland
  • Multiple game modes: choose between a relaxed story-driven experience and an intense race against time
  • Find collectibles and earn achievements
  • New characters, exciting challenges, and minigames!"

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