Dragon Tale: Magic Awakens

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When a young country girl discovers a dragon egg, she can barely believe her eyes! Haven't the dragons disappeared a long ago? And will the egg even hatch? There is only one way to find out!

Despite its rich history, the Dragon Valley has been particularly devoid of dragons for the last century. Aria doesn't expect much of her life either, yet she still keeps taking care of old waypoint towers, reading ancient history books, and helping everyone in need.

So what happens when she encounters a group of dwarves calling themselves the ""Dragon Guardians"" and discovers an unhatched dragon egg—possibly the last of its kind?

It all seems too much to be a mere coincidence. The old mountain looms on the horizon, containing long-forgotten secrets that might reveal more than she can ever expect. And so, her journey begins.

  • Hatch the dragon egg and discover the truth behind the legends!
  • Meet new eccentric friends and allies, and defeat evil together!
  • Choose between multiple game modes: from a relaxed story-driven experience to an intense race against time!
  • Discover collectibles and earn achievements!

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