Welcome to Goodland

An ordinary salaryman is forced to work under a merciless Mexican cartel. Stay alive for as long as you can, get enough money for your new bosses, make difficult decisions, acquire businesses and find allies you can trust. But in this cutthroat world, will you be able to keep to your humanity?

You could never have known you would end up in a situation like this, yet you are: helping a Mexican cartel with money laundering. The cartel doesn't listen to excuses, and it rarely gives second chances. You would not wish to disappoint them. You know what happened to the last person who did.

And so, you start small in a secluded town in Minnesota, a place surrounded by beautiful forests yet filled with dark secrets. Several fractions are already in play here, and they will not want to share their influence with a rising force like yourself. Can you survive without allies?

You will need all your courage, ingenuity and perseverance if you wish to overcome the challenges laid before you. Even those closest to you might betray you, but you might also find allies in the most unexpected of places.


  • Plan your actions, acquire businesses, protect and promote your business
  • Balance your reputation with the police and two local criminal gangs lest your unreliable comrades turn against you
  • Make choices and face consequences that aren't always immediately apparent; there is no such thing as a perfect solution
  • Embrace the corruption and climb the ranks in the cartel, try to ask the FBI for help… or find another way to ensure your safety and independence

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