Ellie's Farm 3: Flood Proofing

Coming May 2023

Ellie has arrived ahead of the schedule, and immediately found herself involved in someone's shady schemes to destroy the local economy by causing floods and power outages. Time to intervene!

Another breath-taking region is having trouble—but not because of poor management. It seems like Mother Nature herself is trying to reclaim these lands with powerful floods and power outages! But aren't those accidents a little too calculated?

Hard to deny the obvious: we're dealing with someone's malicious sabotage, and they're one step ahead of us. Radio signals are wonky at best, the local wildlife and livestock are shaken by the raging elements, and the property damage is just tragic at this point.

But as long as our friends are with us, we can rebuild and restore anything, making things better and sturdier than they were before. Joining hands—and paws!—with our trusty allies, we are going on yet another adventure!

  • Enjoy multiple game modes: choose anything between a relaxed story-driven experience, and an intense race against time!
  • Collect hidden puzzle pieces and earn achievements!
  • Make new friends and earn the adoration of the locals!
  • Explore numerous landscapes with unique characteristics!

Collector's Edition includes 12 levels that continues the main storyline, presents more tasks and achievements, provides hidden puzzle pieces and coloring materials, and a grand art piece you can complete by acing all the levels!

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